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Concrete Paint

Concrete paints are a great way to make elaborate designs on concrete floors or walls. They are especially great for basements, porches and garages. You can always maximize your designs as each kind of concrete paint comes in many available colors.

There are three types of paints that you can use in painting designs on concrete. These are the latex type, alkyd or oil-based type and the epoxy type. The latex type is water-based and is the most affordable type of concrete paint. It is also the easiest to apply among the three types. However, this kind of paint may not be as durable as the other two types.

The alkyd type is more durable than the latex type. This may also have the same affordable price as the latex type of paint. However, this concrete paint is less popular than the other two because it needs mineral spirits for its cleaning process. Apart from this, alkyd type concrete paints are best to use only when there is already an existing oil-based paint on the floor.

In terms of durability, the epoxy concrete paints are recommended. They make the floor resistant to chemicals and they provide a non-skid surface particularly when silicate is added. In addition, concrete paint made of the epoxy type seals off moisture from the floor and gives the floor a beautiful appearance.

The use of concrete paints has many advantages. They can be used in lieu of carpets when there are people in the household who have allergies. Moreover, you can make any design with a concrete paint to enhance the atmosphere or feel of your room.

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